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Problems we solve.

Unplanned downtime

Losses in productivity and money grow each year. Our services can help your business stay up and running.

Uncomplicating the cloud

This is no longer just a buzzword. Pay-as-you-go flexibility can help your businness grow your productivity and profit.

We help you avoid costly mistakes

Inefficient technologies and poor security systems can easily erode a company’s profits.

Our Work

If you aren’t already an expert in telecommunications, evaluating carriers can be a daunting task. We have the knowledge and experience to simplify this process. We’ll find you the right solution, at the right price.

Past Projects saved $5k to $200k per year on bills, plus unmeasured operational gains.

If you like what we do and want to know more

What our customers say

“I have to say that, whatever you did, worked to perfection. I did not even have to questions it through the whole Market. Thank you!
It is one thing that – when it works – leaves me open to address more important issues. If it is not working, then I am usually in my own version of hell:)”

Michael Hruby

“We had an association that provides telecom pricing supposed to be the best ( in out industry). NTG provided better prices, services and continued to do so for over 12 years until I retired. ”

Joel Deaton | CEO, D Company